Jill of all trades

-antidote farm-


I dream of a workshop in the Southern Colorado Mountains that combines the power of nature and the joy of creating. Part mountain cabin, part artsy road stop between Santa Fe, NM (4 hrs away) and Denver, CO (3 hrs away), part refuge. For watching clouds roll over a horizon of mountains.

I’ve saved up to buy land for this since I was 14. I’m an artist, builder and compost queen.

Here is what I truly dream:

To create somewhere for myself and others who feel lost to ✨belong✨and rediscover joy.

Suicide now kills more than war and natural disease combined. Modernity has consequences we’re constantly adapting to but we still heal/grow/thrive when we feel a part of nature, and “that the location with the highest level of nature had the greatest effect on reducing levels of stress”.

Growing research also supports alternative therapy modalities like microdosing for depression, or more and more research showing significant lasting change through guided psychedelic trips to treat PTSD, anxiety and depression.

(recc reading: Abundance of Less Couturier, Lost Connections Johann Hari, Belonging: A Culture of Place: bell hooks, Imagine Jonah Lehrer )

Humans need to feel we belong. We also need nature. Anxiety and depression are on the rise and we have tools to reach for.

Through classic ‘chop wood & carry water’ Buddhist philosophy this workshop in the mountains will be an antidote to disconnection and anxiety. Labor & nature. I studied neuroscience and dropped out 3 yrs into my psych degree to later finish at art school studying Textiles. Permaculture design certified in 2006 with 4 years of farming experience and a passion for sustainable architecture. I pursued carpentry in school and became a commercial and residential construction laborer and eventual founder of a company, Wild Rose Services. Also while making art and starting a clothing company. I have covered a lot of ground in search for alternatives to the systems that fuck me up in our culture.

A workshop in the mountains:

This dream spot also will foster creating for the sake of creating. Options for classes with visiting mentors or myself and radical art making facilities for the setting. Including decent wifi, a dreamy digital work station, full woodshop, textile printing table, metal shop and eventually more.

A place of refuge when needing perspective, after a breakup, job loss, big change or a beautiful place to do a safe and nature filled psychadelic trip of your own.

Who does this speak to? you?